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The Boat is Sinking, Who will you save?

In every beauty pageant, we would usually hear a question like this- The boat is sinking, who will you save? Your mother or your boyfriend?

If you were to ask, who will you save?

You would definitely answer your mother, but is that what your heart really says?

Good thing for me I don’t have to think anymore who to save because I don’t have a boyfriend meaning, if the boat is sinking the only person that I needed to save is my mother. But unfortunately not all girls were like me some has a boyfriend or even worse, husband, who will they choose?

Come on girl do you really have to save your boyfriend? What if the situation is different, what if your boyfriend needed to choose between you and his mother, who do you think will he save? It is definitely his mother.

You only has one mother in this world and you could have a lot of boyfriends in the future. And you are not also sure if that man will be beside you forever. Admit it 10 years from now you will regret saving him, you will ended up saying, “How I wish he was just drowned in that water.”.

In my point of view, people who would hurriedly answer they will save their mother doesn’t have a boyfriend like me. People who will think first before answering they will save their mother have boyfriends, unfortunately blood is thicker than water boy. And those who will answer their boyfriend is the most foolish type of person I would ever meet. Come on girl, his a boy he should know how to swim. What is he, a gay? Don’t commit to a person that doesn’t know how to swim. Men are supposed to protect the women and how will he ever protect you if he doesn’t know how to swim. Don’t be fooled girl.

Choose wisely and don’t be a dumb ass.


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